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We have all heard that there are dangers online; predators hidden in plain sight threatening our children's safety.  These classes, designed for parents and teens will help you understand these threats, identify and report them and ultimately protect your child from the unthinkable. 

The Defender Series

Training For Parents On Protecting Your Family Through Open Lines Of Communication, Understanding Red Flag Predatory Behavior, Online Safety and Human Trafficking

Family Talk:

Ever wonder how to have those difficult or uncomfortable conversations with your child? This program offers guidance and the tools to create a safe space to discuss difficult topics between you and your child.


Join us as you learn about open communication, setting healthy boundaries and appropriate responses, to those "uh oh" moments when your child catches you off guard, with questions you didn't expect until their older. Let's grow together and be the best parents we can be! 

Boy Checking his Phone

Online Safety:

Facebook, Tiktok snapchat , and all the other social media apps .. what are they? What do they do? How do I protect my child? Wait? I haven't heard about that one!

That's right! There are plenty of apps out there that parents aren't "hip" enough to know about. That's where we come in! Learn about social media, the newest and coolest apps, understanding predatory red flag behavior, what to do if it happens to your child, and so much more! Join us on this journey of safety , prevention, and protection. 

Smiling Teenage Boy

Human Trafficking 101

This can't happen to my family. It only happens in other countries.. think again!! The statistics speak for themselves. Human trafficking is happening all over the country and in your town as we speak.  Traffickers do not discriminate! 

It's a very well-known fact that kids think they know everything. This mindset alone is dangerous and sets them up for potential victimization.  This program will teach you what human trafficking is, how the traffickers operate, and what to look for. Let's keep our children and communities safe!

Sitting on Couch

Empower and Protect

The last of our Defender Series. More info coming soon!

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