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SCHOOLS (Title IV Compliant)

The best way to fight Human Trafficking is by preventing it from happening in the first place.  Educating our most vulnerable population, our children, holds the key to winning the fight.  Our passion to educate and inform students is the highest priority at Truth2Freedom.  We have created a variety of customizable classes that are Title IV compliant and give administrators everything they need to protect students.  Classes are available for grades 5-12.

High School Friends


We have all heard that there are dangers online and in the community; predators hidden in plain sight threatening our children's safety. When mental health is a very real crisis for our teens, they are at an all time high of becoming unsuspecting prey to exploitation.  But how can we create healthy guardrails to keep kids safe? This class is designed age appropriate for students grades 5-12 and will provide the foundational knowledge of where and how predators operate, tips to recognize grooming patterns and steps to help students identify and report predators.  This class is Title V compliant and can be taught via an assembly, in the classroom or online. 


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